Event Overview

The Paris Open Source Summit is the leading event to showcase the latest and greatest in Free and Open Source technologies. Bringing together ecosystem-wide attendees, Paris Open Source Summit is an extraordinary sharing platform, a place to interact with key actors of the community and a unique opportunity to collaborate on current challenges and discuss the impact of new trends.

« Empowering Open Innovation ». The 2016 Edition will primarily focus on Open Source, Open Data and related models (Open Hardware, Open Access, etc) as key for open and collaborative innovation. More importantly, embracing these ideas across areas ensures a shared benefit of such technological and social innovation. Blockchain, Internet of Things or Big Data, many of today's top innovations, inspire trust only when designed in a logic of collaborationsustainability and sovereignty.

This year's edition is all about “doing” and we will prove Free and Open Source technologies (or solutions) are a core component of today's digital revolution. The scientific and industrial excellence of the French “savoir-faire” will be presented under their economic and industrial perspectives as well as their technical and technologicalchallenges and social impact. This action will be carried out trough a strong involvement of the territories (sub nationally and supranationally), starting from the premise that the economics of open source is mainly local and takes advantage of decentralization. Attracting youth to our business is at the center of our attention; therefore many activities will be organized in order to promote the debate among young people, schools and enterprises.

Please join us and contribute to making this meeting a success, whether you participate to the event or as an actor in the SOCIETY track discussions throughout the year.

Benjamin Jean & Jean-Christophe Élineau



Code of Conduct

The Paris Open Source Summit is an international event willing to maintain a reputation as a diverse, welcoming, non discriminatory and dynamic organisation.

We trust that attendees will treat each other in a way that reflects the view that diversity, mutual consideration, solidarity are strengths of our community to be celebrated and fostered.

Furthermore, we believe attendees have a right to:

  • be treated with courtesy, dignity and respect;
  • be free from any form of discrimination, victimisation, harassment or bullying;
  • enjoy an environment free from unwelcome behaviour, inappropriate language and unsuitable imagery.

If problems covered by this code of conduct arise, please contact a Paris Open Source Summit organiser directly and in private. Any complaint will remain confidential, be taken seriously, investigated, and dealt with appropriately.

The Paris Open Source Summit organisers reserve the right to carry out any of the following actions relating to a complaint:

  • The person concerned may be told to stop/modify their behaviour appropriately and a warning will be issued.
  • The person concerned may be warned that enforcement action may be taken if the behaviour continues.
  • The person concerned may be asked to leave the venue immediately and/or will be prohibited from continuing to attend the Paris Open Source Summit.

The incident may be reported to the Police.

(This document is a derivative of the PyData Paris code of conduct and is released under a creative commons license.)

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