Open CIO Summit


The Open CIO Summit is a think tank dedicated to the perspectives offered by Open Source and its related phenomena, with regards to the governance of information systems.

A dynamic and mature phenomenon, Open Source has evolved and diversified in different and varying degrees so that it is now used in all types of information systems. Today, the term refers to a diverse reality.

In this complex environment, the Open CIO Summit takes a pragmatic approach centered on the adopted user through clearly articulating the benefits of different aspects of Open Source. It presents the risks and the evolutionary perspectives offered by Open Source, both for information systems themselves and for their relationship with specific departments and other business components.

The reflections of the Open CIO Summit on Open Source also provide an illuminating starting point to analyze other major trends that mark the evolution of information technologies.

This is particularly true for cloud computing, where Open Source has been a vehicle for structured technological innovations. However, the emergence of concepts such as loyal services has caused many questions to arise in regard to sustainability issues associated with these new trends.

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