The Paris Open Source Summit is a major event in the Libre and Open Source sectors. It is at the same time a showcase of our ecosystem, an international echo chamber and a place of meetings and collaboration without any measure.




The 2017 edition will revolve around the digital revolution, which reaches all territories and impacts all areas.

We are witnessing the digitization of the trades and activities, even among the most traditional ones, which are now considered collaborative, nomadic and open, as well as the emergence of new horizons such as the Blockchain, the Internet Objects, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, e-commerce or Big Data.

Digital opens up enormous opportunities for innovations that nevertheless require a context of confidence in order to be realized and which must therefore be associated with a logic of openness, mutualisation, sustainability and sovereignty.

This is an opportunity for open source and the open models on which today massively relies the digita sector.

This 2017 edition of OSS will be devoted to demonstrating the place of Free and Open Source in the digital revolution that our society is experiencing.
It will bring together all stakeholders in the European and Francophone ecosystem, addressing the makers and contributors who create the tools and technologies, but also decision-makers, users and consumers who are seeking solutions or considering the adoption of an open source strategy.

The program of the 2017 edition is designed around 3 themes.



The TECH theme targets technophiles, the people who run the infrastructures generally made of open source, and who constantly innovate with future technologies. 
This theme will analyse the applications around us to explore their different layers –data center infrastructure to cloud to containers, production management in automatic deployment or continuous configuration and technological innovations about data and end user.


·         Devops : automation : systems developments and application

·         Devops : Measures, metrics, monitoring, supervision, KPI

·         Devops : Quality, forge, continuous integration, tests

·         User experience (UX), UI

·         Languages, frameworks, platforms

·         Big Data, AI



The SOLUTIONS theme targets mainly end users, companies, administrations, local authorities and any other organisation. Our goal is to present operational responses of Open Source solutions for the new digital uses, as well as for new business needs.


·         Internet of Things

·         Digitalizing your activity : web, e-business

·         Managing your activity : CRM, ERP, management applications

·         Dematerializing your process and managing your documents

·         Managing your communications and your collaboration

·         One job, one solution : applications for professions

·         Cybersecurity and information systems security

·         Workstation and mobility



The ECOSYSTEM theme focuses on analysis and thoughts about social challenges related to the open source and free software movement. More precisely, we will raise questions about the “free” beyond software, about business models concerning informational common goods, about the role of free and open source software in France and in French-speaking countries but also in Europe and around the world. The debate around “Open Source and the Law” is organised in collaboration with EOLE (European Free and Open Source Law Event) .


·         Open Source and the Law

·         Open Source and the web decentralization (blockchain etc.)

·         Open Source and research studies (sociology, philosophy etc.)

·         Business models: software and informational common goods

·         Open source approaches and stakeholders in French-speaking countries