Presidence 2017


 President of the Program Paris Open Source Summit 2017 













Pierre Baudracco, founder of BlueMind, the publisher of the Open Source solution for next generation collaborative messaging, has been elected to the head of the program committee for the next edition of the Paris Open Source Summit to be held on 6 and 7 December 2017. Unveils the main orientations of this 2017 edition.


Take the best of the 2016 edition


Beyond the quality of the program, which made the success of 2016, it was the many related events that took place, such as the Student Demo Cup and the Open CIO Summit and the creation of dedicated villages in space Such as the Village Legal Tech. All these initiatives will be again proposed in this 2017 edition, as well as new ones, such as a Blockchain village.


3 main axes will be highlighted in 2017 : 


"Enabling digital everywhere"


In addition to the main subjects that will be widely represented, such as Devops, Big Data, IoT, AI and digital as a whole, all massively powered by Open Source, the 2017 edition will honor the diffusion Of Open Source with:


 - end-user oriented solutions (business applications, workstations, office automation, ...). Starting from the observation that "Open Source is Everywhere" (synthesis of the comments gathered during the Open CIO Summit and in many media), POSS 2017 wishes to deepen this idea, focusing on the Devops, the cloud , The framework, and so on the tools dedicated to the technical profiles for which this is proven, but also on end-user solutions where Open Source still plays the role of challenger.


- International, with a strong focus on Francophonie (the International Organization of La Francophonie is in this capacity a member of the program committee) and on our relations with Africa and Europe.


- The business, with numerous feedback from users and contributors, from global open source strategies such as the Société Générale Group, to the implementation of innovative solutions or dedicated to end users, to the choice of economic models or to the valorization of Research and development Open Source.