Student Demo Cup

As part of the Paris Open Source Summit happening on december the 5th and 6th, the "Student DemoCup" is an yearly event aiming to award best student projects from the open digital and free software ecosystem.


Built upon the idea of open innovation, the SDC 2017 will award student projects in one of these categories : 


  • Open digital ecosystem (Open Source, Open Data, Open Gov, Open Robot, Open IOT, AI ... )
  • Devops Technologies 
  • Business and startup


What is it about ? 


The "Student DemoCup" is yearly organized to award best innovative, free and Open Source projects.

It is being held within the Paris Open Source Summit event, European summit bringing together developers, decision makers and Open Source communities around technological initiatives, economical and societal. More than 200 speakers, coming from 40 different countries, as well as 5000+ international participants are expected for this 2017 edition. 


Goal for this event ? Build a more open and widely accessible digital futur. 


The SDC is an exhibit scene opened to students whom, alone or in team, launch innovative projects on top of free open source technical blocks, as well as Open data use. Student Democup is organized through a partnership with the Pasc@line network (Engineer School), the Open Source School, the Fabrique des Mobilités, and the help from the CNLL, Free Software and Open Digital Enterprises Union.


How does it work exactly ? 


Projects must be submitted on our website, in one of below themes:

  • Open digital ecosystem (Open Source, Open Data, Open Gov, Open Robot, Open IOT, AI ... )
  • Devops Technologies 
  • Business and startup


It is possible that the jury will choose to move a project in a different theme, if it seems more suitable. Anotification mail will then be sent.


The project :

  • Must present an innovative aspect, open and free as of the Openb Source definition by OSI or FSF
  • Must present an advanced status with early final outputs
  • Must aim for the Free Software and Free software ecosystem improvement or promotion 
  • Can have multiple shapes : from prototype, to code or design, scientific articles (mémoire, scientific work results, etc...) or any civilian or communitary action (platform launch, events organization, ...).

The jury will first select 2 projects in each theme. the students will then defend their project in front of both jury and public through a demonstration of their project. 


One project in each theme, will be awarded on december the 6th. To submit a project


For more details, download the rulesbook