Event Overview


The Paris Open Source Summit, the premier European event centered on the Free & Open Source sector, is the result of the merger of two iconic Open Source events: Linux Solutions and the Open World Forum.


The event strives to expose technological innovations, the reality and economic vitality of the solutions and major players of the digital sector, as well as their impacts on society.


Paris Open Source Summit is the international echo chamber amplifying the multiple contributions that Free and Open Source has made to the current and forthcoming digital revolution. It will discuss the successes of Open Source enterprises and communities and their importance to this revolution, along with the consistently maintained support by public authorities to this movement (state, regional, city, etc.). 


The Paris Open Source Summit is an event given by the Paris region Systematic cluster, organized by the group Tarsus and officiated by Jean-Luc Beylat, the president of Systematic.


The administration of the event is organized by a steering committee bringing together the principal co-organizers of the event: Systematic and Tarsus but also the groups Alter Way, Henix, and Smile. The steering committee sets the event guidelines and designates a president for each edition. The president is responsible for forming a programming committee that rejoins all the parties invested in the event to provide the content of this year’s edition. This task is overseen by jean-Luc Beylat, president of Systematic. All the members of the steering committee are appointed for a minimum period of 3 years and the industry stakeholders contribute by way of sponsorships.