09H00 à 12H30 - Studio Photo

IT infrastructure, datacenters, cloud, containers

Our world is changing quickly and IT infrastructure needs to be able to adapt to each and every user requirement. Cloud and containers are great examples of modern...

09H00 à 12H30 - Long-métrage

Applied Big Data / AI

Big Data is no longer just a marketing concept, but a true innovation. This track explores all phases from using data, designing architectures to exploring data via creating and...

09H00 à 12H30 - Moteur

Devops - Measure : metrics, supervision, observability, KPI

The new dynamic application architectures are pushing supervisory tools to adapt: key challenges are the collection, storage and analysis of metrics, always more abundant and...

09H00 à 12H30 - Clap

How your approaches and development tools should adapt to the cloud needs? At the time of deployment within the containers, or even 'server-less', of the auto-scaling and the...

09H00 à 12H30 - Le Montage

Open Source Community Summit

The Community Summit is an annual open workshop focusing on sharing experience in the management of open source communities. This year, leaders and practitioners from free and...

09H00 à 10H45 - Le mixage

Floss - Redecentralization

The role of the open-source software in the necessary re-decentralisation. Internet is born decentralised, by its very Nature. A number of forces, including targeted...

09H00 à 13H30 - AUDITORIUM


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09H30 à 11H30 - Action

10H15 à 11H15 - Scénario

WORKSHOP MICROSOFT : Comment opérationnaliser un modèle de machine learning

11H00 à 12H30 - Le mixage

Floss - Sustainability

What are the convergences between the issues of the ecological transition and the issues of the open data and open source software transition? Instead of a debate on that...

11H15 à 12H15 - Scénario

12H30 à 13H30 - Action

13H30 à 16H30 - Studio Photo

Devops - Automation : system and application deployment

Today's solutions are more and more complexe. Most often based on flexible micro-service architectures following an agile development mode, deployed on mixed hybrid clouds, they...

13H30 à 16H30 - Moteur

Devops : Quality, continuous integration, testing, forges

The strong and inexorable emergence of devOps allowed to give back to quality its status within development activities, previously the poor relation that was left to the end of...

13H30 à 16H30 - Clap

UX/UI Design in an Open Source world

Every product or service is bound to a user, the interaction between these two elements creates the usage experience.The UX/UI track aims to better understand the role of UX/UI...

13H30 à 16H30 - Long-métrage

Internet of Things – IoT

Behind the concepts of smart cities, connected cars, e-health, industry 4.0, some see an industrial revolution. Others see in them a vehicle for innovation in services, a...

13H30 à 16H30 - Le mixage

Business softwares for local authorities

As with some sectors of the industry, local authorities need very specific business softwares. This track has for objective to present the state of existing Open Source...

13H30 à 16H30 - Le Montage

Open source & Business models

The question of remuneration is a recurring question with Open Source. Between the different business models, different approaches by companies and the multiple revenue sources,...

13H30 à 16H30 - AUDITORIUM


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13H30 à 16H30 - Action

14H00 à 15H00 - Scénario

17H00 à 18H00 - AUDITORIUM

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