Paris Open Source Summit

Committee Program



General Manager, Smile

President of the Paris Open Source Summit Program 2019

Grégory Bécue is graduate of the École Supérieure de Commerce de Lille and the University of Lille 1. He began his career with various web agencies in Lille as Project Manager and then Project Director. In 2007, he joined Audaxis, an open source specialist, as Director of the Business Unit. He joined Smile, a leader in open digital with 1700 people dedicated to open source, in 2009 as a strategic pre-sales consultant. He took over the management of the pre-sales unit and the Marketing department in 2012, and joined the management committee. At the beginning of 2014, Gregory joined the Executive Committee and supervised many activities over the years. In 2017, Gregory was appointed Chief Executive Officer in charge of Strategy and Development and joined the Supervisory Board.

Very active in the world of free and open source, Gregory is Vice-President of PLOSS Paris-Région, member of COPIL of the Free Software thematic group of the Systematic Paris-Région competitiveness cluster, member of the Syntec Numérique Open Source Committee, and co-organizer since 2010 of the Open World Forum. Gregory founded the CMSday event dedicated to open source CMS and the Open Source School. Finally, Gregory has also written numerous white papers on open source downloaded in more than 100,000 copies each year, including the Open Source Guide in 2013.




Jonathan LE LOUS
Field CTO,Capgemini

VP Cloud, DevOps et Infrastructure


For 15 years I have been passionate helping organizations being LeanAgile by using DevOps, Cloud, PaaS, Containers…  As a community member I’ve been engaged in various non-profit communities as (co-founder), (former BM & VP) to contribute and promote FLOSS and help users.

Jonathan is Field CTO, Cloud Infrastructure Services team, @ Capgemini. He helps French Fortune 40 (CAC 40) companies implementing Cloud-native technologies as Kubernetes, Cloud Foundry, OpenStack... Previously he was Director of Engineering Engagement and Release Platforms at Manulife in Canada. For 15 years, Jonathan has been passionate by FLOSS technologies. As a leader he is used to work with partners and technologies from everywhere and build bridges between traditional IT and new approaches. As a community member he's been engaged in various non-profit communities.



CTO & Co-founder, Kaliop/
VP Web, E-commerce & Mobile

Co-founder of Kaliop and creator of the Open Source backend, Gilles Guirand is an entrepreneur, consultant and technical architect acclaimed for his expertise in Web, mobile and IoT technologies, and his contribution to Open Source communities.

Originally specialising in PHP content management (eZ, Drupal), he was a member of the eZPublish board for several years, then became involved in the Symfony and JavaScript communities. As well as his technical expertise, he has gradually developed a keen interest in agility, DevOps and the Cloud.
In 2017, he began overseeing the project involving, an Open Source node.js and real-time backend for accelerating Web, mobile & IoT projects.



Bassem ASSEH
Regional VP EMEA, GitHub
VP Development, & Emerging languages

I have spent my entire career in software, first in the areas of consultancy and customers, and now, for the last 15 years, in publishing. I first worked with two Open Source publishers, Nuxeo and Alfresco, and for 5 years I have been with GitHub, which I call the "developers' company", particularly as regards Open Source communities.   

With 20 years' experience in the software industry working with customers, consultants and publishers, Bassem is avidly interested in digital technology and collaboration. He joined GitHub in 2015, when he launched the American publisher's activities in France, then directed its activities in southern Europe. He became Regional Vice President EMEA on 1 July 2019.



COO, Snips
VP Artificial Intelligence

Yann started coding at age 10 when personal computers only had 1 kilobyte of RAM. He worked in financial software on Wall Street and in cartoon animation software at Dreamworks Studios before becoming an entrepreneur. Since then, Yann has founded, grown and sold 5 startups. Today he is Chief Operating Officer of, a Paris-based startup with over 80 furiously talented technologists building a decentralized voice assistant ecosystem powered by unique private-by-design voice assistant technology. An active member of the Paris entrepreneurial community, he also mentors or invests as an angel in a dozen more growing concerns. Yann holds a Bachelor of Computer Science summa cum laude and an MBA from INSEAD. He is Entrepreneur-in-Residence at INSEAD, co-founding member at France Digitale and HUB France IA, and member of the Executive Committee at J.E.D.I.


For more information, please visit his LinkedIn profile, or follow him on Twitter @ylechelle.



Blockchain Leader, IBM France
VP Data Management & Blockchain

I am a passionate supporter of Open Source and innovative spheres like Blockchain technologies, connected objects and cognitive IT. On several occasions I have made my passions my job: first as IBM Partnerships Manager focused on Open Source solutions, and more recently as Blockchain Business Manager  Manager for IBM France.

Luca Comparini has been the IBM France Blockchain Manager since September 2015. With over ten years' experience in the field of IT infrastructures, he defines himself as a "business-oriented geek" and is a fervent supporter of the Open Source system and innovative spheres like Blockchain technologies, connected objects and cognitive IT.
He joined IBM in Milan in 2007 as IT Architect in charge of IT infrastructure virtualisation and consolidation. He then occupied various posts in Europe involving innovative fields and Open Source software with Lab Services (2009-2013) and the team in charge of developing the partner and start-up ecosystem (2014-2015).




Business Line Manager, Smile
VP Embedded & IoT


Cedric Ravalec, 48, graduated from EPITA, the IT engineering school. Over 20 years, he has worked with several DSCs specialising in Open Source with sales/marketing functions.

For over three years, Cédric has worked on developing Smile's embedded and IoT business line.

A graduate of EPITA, who gained substantial business experience with the recruitment firm Michael Page, Cédric has been marketing Open Source solutions to key accounts and administrations for over 20 years. In 2011 he co-founded Genymobile, a company specialising in Android expertise, and launched the Genymotion emulator. He is currently in charge of IoT projects for the Smile Group. An unrivalled coach and speaker, he has always been inspirational in rallying and uniting teams around a common goal – customer   satisfaction – while maintaining high profitability.




Service CTO, XWiki SAS
VP Business Apps

Passionate developer (web), I have been a supporter and actor of free software and data for 15 years.

I have been working in Open Source for 12 years at XWiki SAS . As a project architect for the implementation of the XWiki collaborative platform, I am aware of business expectations and of the challenges of implementing a business model based on free software.

I promote the theme "Business Apps" in order to highlight the number of Open-Source applications for organizations, and to show both the functional uses and the high technical quality and advantages of these applications . I am particularly interested in the field of business apps because they provide immediate value to end users.

In my spare time, I participate in the Open Food Facts community, of which I became president in 2019.





Researcher at Montpellier University
VP Gouvernance, Ethique & Ecosystème

Involved in the field through my scientific research, I am in constant contact with open source professionals. With them, I build knowledge that I hope will be useful and actionable on a daily basis. Carrying the theme of Governance, Ethics and the Ecosystem was therefore a natural extension of my investment in companies for nearly 6 years.


As a researcher at the University of Montpellier, I work on the various problems encountered by economic actors choosing open source as a growth strategy. From choosing the business model to managing relationships with communities and customers, through asset valuation, my research aims to facilitate and facilitate the adoption of open source within companies.




Digital Security & Defense Director, IRT SystemX, Systematic Paris Region, Steering Committee
VP Security

Passionate about technological innovation and its transfer to the market. I support the digital transformation of industrialists, by building open strategic partnerships that minimize risk taking and optimize return on investment. In the face of this digital revolution, security has become one of the main concerns of business leaders in all industrial sectors.

As a member of the Strategy and Programs Department of IRT SystemX, Gilles is involved in the national ecosystem, contributes to the Institute's roadmap in association with academic and industrial partners, and develops business that aims to improve the resilience of digital infrastructures exposed to cyber risks. In this context, Gilles prospects and builds multi-partner R&D projects, optimising the exploitation of results and the impact on the entire ecosystem.

Gilles is also a member of the steering committee of the Cyber & Sécurity Hub of the Systematic Paris Region cluster.
Gilles has more than 25 years of experience in innovation management in multinational companies in the fields of defense, telecommunications and digital technologies for the media industry.