Paris Open Source Summit



Trackleader : Luca Comparini, IBM


Blockchain : crypto corner
14H00 - 16H00 // SALLE CLAP

Tokenization is a killer app for Blockchain, since the emergence Bitcoin. Ethereum reinforced the notion of programmable tokens, opening the way to fundraising mechanisms such as ICOs, and recently Security and Utility Tokens. This session gathers insights from state-of-the-art token-economies at BTU, leading market data provider Kaiko
and pioneers involved with Lightning Network, and opens perspectives on future protocols,
such as Libra.

14h00 - 14h10 : Introduction : Luca Comparini, IBM
14h10 - 14h40 : From Bitcoin to Libra : stay tuned!? : Xavier Lavayssiere,
14h40 - 15h00 : The importance of refined market data for crypto-investors. Insights on Kaiko data platform. : Ambre Soubiran, Kaiko
15h00 - 15h20 :  BTU Protocol : Empowerment of companies through their distribution channels : Vidal Chriqui, BTU Protocol
15h20 - 15h40 : Blockchain tokenization at SocieteGenerale : Sebastien Chroukroun, Price Waterhouse Cooper
15h40 - 16h00 : Open mind on new blockchain protocols : Frederic Ocana, Decentral

Data : data governance
16H30 - 18H20 // SALLE CLAP

Data governance is a key success factor for CIOs and business lines. The objective of the session is to draw on successful data governance impliementations for static data, data in motion with stream processing tools, in the lights of compliance with GDPR regulation.

16h30 - 17h00 : Data Governance in the contexte of Big Data - REX Datalake RTE : Arnaud Renard, RTE et Charly Clairmont, Synaltic
17h00 - 17h30 : Stream processing - Apache Pulsar 101 : Steven Leroux / Quentin Adam
17h30 - 18h00 : Anonymization techniques - beyond GDPR - with PostgreSQL : Damien Clochard, Dalibo
18h00 - 18h20 : GDPR compliance assistant for scientific research : Fabienne Cazalis, CNRS


Data : database
09H30 - 12H30 // SALLE CLAP

PostgreSQL and MariaDB are the two open source alternatives to commercial relational databases. The session will provide a comprehensive overview on supporting high demanding resilience, performance and observability, draw lessons from large migrations from Oracle and explore synergies with time-series and geo-intelligence data.

09h30 - 10h10 : Chasing unicorns : 0 dataloss and 99.999% availability : Laetitia Avrot, EnterpriseDB
10h10 - 10h30 : How many CPUs does it take to reach 60,000 transactions per second? : Sebastiaan Mannen, EnterpriseDB
 10h30 - 11h10 : PostgreSQL : mass loading and contribution to migration tools : Anthony Nowocien, Société Générale
11h10 - 11h50 : Optimize time series data storage using PostgreSQL and TimescaleDB : David Baffaleuf, Cap Data Consulting
 11h50 - 12h10 : The NexSIS project: open source software for geo-intelligence : Frederic Jacon, Camptocamp
12h10 - 12h30 : How to improve MariaDB database observability : Charles Judith, Criteo

Blockchain is open for business: the pioneers of distributed Ledger for the Enterprise world
14H00 - 15H30 // SALLE CLAP

The emergence of Blockchain in the enterprise world goes beyond the notion of crypto-assets. The session will focus on the learnings and state-of-the-art projets from IBM, Microsoft and Consensys

14h00 - 14h30 : Distributed ledgers in the enterprise world : talk the walk : Luca Comparini, IBM
 14h30 - 14h50 : Hyperledger Besu : Felipe Faraggi, PegaSys
14h50 - 15h30 : Overview of CCF (Confidential Consortium Framework) : Philippe Beraud, Microsoft France

Data : from stream processing to data lakes and data science
16H00 - 17H30 // SALLE CLAP

Data governance is a key success factor for CIOs and business lines. The objective of the session is to explore strategies and tools for stream processing , data lakes and comprehensive data science solutions.

16h00 - 16h30 : Stream processing with Apache Pulsar : Bruno Bonnin, Zenika
 16h30 - 16h50 : Stream processing : from a classic database to streaming with Debezium : Charly Clairmont / Yabir Canario de la Mota, Synaltic
16h50 - 17h10 : Strong integration of open source tools in data science projects : Denis Roussel, Centreon
17h10 - 17h30 : Data Lake management and data cross-referencing for career management purposes : Simon Griffon, Smile