Paris Open Source Summit


Open Source is everywhere now! While several years ago the model for this innovation took time to get established, there's no question of it today. Open source is now central to the technology strategy and governance of big groups, start-ups, public services, SMEs and mid-cap companies alike: an extraordinary acceleration found at all levels and in all projects.  


Every day, a huge number of companies appreciate the benefits they derive from Open Source, now in terms of not only budget but also solidity, openness, a developmental dynamic and independent decision-making, as was clear at the 2018 edition of the Paris Open Source Summit. Today, the paradigm has changed in that companies now see how they can make use of these technologies and innovations to serve their business, while contributing to a better world.    


"Open source, Innovation for good" is the journey we are offering you with this new edition of the Paris Open Source Summit, exploring the best Open Source technologies and innovations and how they can be used. The 2019 Paris Open Source Summit programme is based on eight TECH themes, covering both technical solutions and the innovative uses and societal issues of open digital technology contributed by Open Source:


·         Artificial Intelligence – the key theme this year

·         The Cloud, DevOps and Infrastructure

·         Embedded technology and the IoT

·         Data Management and Blockchain

·         Cybersecurity

·         Development and emerging languages

·         Business apps

·         The Web, E-commerce and Mobile solutions


With each of these themes, we will endeavour to select the most innovative and representative subjects in the Open Source ecosystem for the coming years. 


The Paris Open Source Summit is your very own event: an annual gathering for all those who support Open Source and free software in Europe and throughout the world. Openness and collaboration are part of Open Source's DNA, and, as every year, all those who invest or take an interest in it are welcome. Coming together (as developers, integrators, publishers, consultants, public players, foundations, non-profit-making associations, end clients, etc.) is essential to have a global impact, while paying tribute to the diversity of our ecosystem in terms of both companies and research & innovation.


Our exponential growth should not let us lose sight of where we come from. Our successes are based on the values of Open Source and free software. The Paris Open Source Summit is a time to celebrate all this and reflect on the benefits Open Source can bring society as a whole. In the digital revolution now under way, ethics are crucial in shaping the evolution of technology, and we will be talking about that broadly this year, mainly through the theme of Artificial Intelligence. Open Source should contribute to this, and at the same time continue to improve. Meanwhile, there are far too few women in the technical professions of Open Source: this should be a warning to us, and make us react to promote inclusiveness in our ecosystem.


Lastly, training is also vital for involving more new talents in Open Source. Sharing knowledge is fundamental to free movement and Open Source. To encourage and further this dynamic, we obviously welcome all the talents who represent the future of Open Source with open arms to the Paris Open Source Summit


The entire Paris Open Source Summit team are preparing a 2019 edition full of surprises. Join us on 10 and 11 December at the Docks de Paris for two days of inspiring talks as we celebrate Open Source. We look forward to seeing you there!


Grégory Bécue

President of the 2019 POSS programme  

General Manager, Smile