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With its Open Innovation focus, Systematic Paris-Region innovation and technology cluster brings together and promotes an ecosystem of excellence of over 800 members.  Systematic connects stakeholders from software, digital and industry, and boosts digital projects through collaborative innovation, SME development, networking and business sourcing, across a range of strategic sectors: energy, telecoms, healthcare, transport, information systems, factory of the future, digital city, and security. The cluster promotes its members, its region and its innovation projects, with the aim of raising their profile and enhancing the attractiveness of the Paris Region and its ecosystem.



The cluster and its projects are especially supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the French State (Direccte) and the Paris Region Council.





Weyou Group est un groupe média international, coté à la Bourse de Londres depuis sa création en 1998 et un acteur majeur spécialisé notamment dans l’organisation de salons professionnels traditionnels, pour la plupart reconnus sur leur secteur d’activités (Heavent, Stratégie Clients, EMarketing, Educatec-Educatice, Bureaux expo, …) et les salons Meetings (Heavent Meetings, IT Meetings, Marketing Meetings..). Il édite également des guides et des sites web professionnels.









The CNLL, Union des Entreprises du Logiciel Libre et du Numérique Ouvert, is the representative body of the open source sector in France. It brings together about 300 French companies specialized or with a significant activity in free software - publishers, integrators, consulting companies, etc. The main missions of the CNLL are to represent the professional ecosystem of OSS to public authorities and national and international organizations; to ensure greater visibility of the ecosystem as a whole, its software and services offer, its specific assets and needs, particularly in terms of employment and training; and finally, to enable the actors of the sector to recognize themselves within it, to exchange and work together to develop the market, while respecting common values.








Innovative SME, alter way is specialized in web platforms and DevOps practices, based on open source solutions. 


With 15 million euro turnover and a 150 people staff, the company, constantly growing since its creation, presents a global offering to its customers : 



  • digital  : digital strategy, design, development
  • Expertises : consulting, project management, architecture, development, training.



  • Hosting :  On premise / Private & Public Cloud, Managed services and Outsourcing, High Availability Hosting, Containers / Docker ...
  • Continuity : TPAM, Open Source Software Support, Managed Services on our customer's infrastructures



With the arrival of Econocom in its capital in 2015, Alter Way reinforce its strategic plan Build4Run which aims to accelerate its organic and external growth 40M€ in 2020.

Discover our web sites alter wayalter way expertisesalter way digitalalter way RUNalter way TRAINalter way CARRIERE 

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BlueMind is the Open Source alternative to the collaborative messaging services Microsoft Exchange, O365, Domino and Gmail. The only solution to support Outlook without any changes for the user, BlueMind offers a complete messaging solution, agendas, address books and new-generation collaboration with a disconnected Web mode, the complete management of mobility, quick and intuitive web interfaces and a global API for taking advantage of the functions via web services.




Inria, institut national de recherche dédié au numérique, promeut « l'excellence scientifique au service du transfert technologique et de la société ». Son modèle ouvert lui permet de répondre aux enjeux pluridisciplinaires et applicatifs de la transition numérique. Inria est à l'origine de nombreuses innovations créatrices de valeur et d'emplois. 




As a key player in the Open Source community, SensioLabs strives to promote free software innovations and quality, premium solutions to support them. SensioLabs is the creator of Symfony and, for as long as Symfony has existed, the company has been the caring parent nurturing it towards its success.

With over 1 billion downloads of Symfony2 in the last 6 years alone, Symfony has become the most used professional framework to code on PHP and forms the basis of global Open Source solutions like Drupal or Magento.

We thrive on the passion that fuels our innovation. Beyond its expertise on advisory and training for Symfony, SensioLabs offers a wide range of professional services in an effort to help companies and developers create and maintain successful PHP-based projects. SensioLabs solutions lend themselves to pragmatic, efficient development. 
Motivated by Fabien Potencier, recognized worldwide for his cutting-edge development ideas and multiple reference guides, and Gregory Pascal, the guts and strategic genius that steers SensioLabs, our employees push the limits of PHP products that not only satisfy the needs of today’s worldwide web market, but pave the way for future innovations.




With more than 1.700+ digital enthusiasts in 7 countries, Smile is the European leader in Open Source digital services. From consulting to design and execution, we contribute to hundreds of strategic digital projects with the most innovative solutions and software. Smile supports its customers through every step of their digital transformation through a complete vertical approach (Digital/Ebusiness, Business Applications, Data, and IT management, Embedded/IoT) and a complete line of integrated services (consulting, digital agency, training, development and integration, maintenance and outsourcing).


In 2018, Smile total sales reached €102.5 million. Our mission? Make open source the main development line of digitalization in Europe.





Worteks is a consulting firm and an open source software editor.
Alongside its R&D activity, Worteks intervenes at customers' premises in order to provide its expertise in design and the implementation of complex infrastructures. Added to this is our position as an editor and integrator currently focused on the W'Sweet solution. Worteks is also an active contributor to different open source programs, such as LemonLDAP::NG, LDAP Tool Box and LSC.
Thus, our architects, technical experts and engineers are building the foundations of IS and advising their customers in their choice of technical and strategic orientations.
Worteks intervenes in all phases of a project: audit, advice, integration, transfer of skills, training and technical support.