Paris Open Source Summit

PLENARY SESSION 5TH DECEMBER, 4.30-6.30 pm, Auditorium




  Pierre BAUDRACCO, Chairman of the 2018 Programme, CEO of BlueMind


  Stéfane FERMIGIER, Chairman of the Groupe Thématique Logiciel Libre from the Systematic Cluster




  Frédérique VIDAL, Minister for Higher Education, Research and Innovation


  Bruno SPORTISSE, Chairman and CEO of INRIA



Software Heritage: an essential infrastructure working for software and Open Science

  Roberto DI COSMO, Director of Software Heritage




Open Source, an alternative to mainstream suppliers

  Stéphane ROUSSEAU, Administratorof CIGREF, Eiffage Group CIO




Result of the major survey on Job prospects in Open Source technology ?


  Stéfane FERMIGIER, Chairman of the Systematic Centre Open Source Hub

Philippe MONTARGES, Co-Chairman of CNLL

  Marc PALAZON, Chairman of the Syntec Numérique Open Source Committee