Paris Open Source Summit

PLENARY SESSION 6TH DECEMBER, 9.30-11.15 am, Auditorium



Microsoft & GitHub : their vision of joint opportunities enabling developpers to do more


  Bassem ASSEH, Regional director,GitHub


  Mandy AYME, Cloud Application Innovation Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft



Round Table:  Open Source as a lever for digital sovereignty  

  Paula FORTEZA, Member of Parliament, Rapporteur for the Work Group on digital democracy and new forms of citizen participation, Assemblée Nationale


  Bernard DUVERNEUIL, Chairman, CIGREF


  Vincent STRUBEL, Sous-directeur Expertise de l’ANSSI


  Henri VERDIER, Digital Technology Ambassador


  Jean-Noel de GALZAIN, Vice-President of the Systematic Paris-Region cluster 


  Véronique TORNER, Administrator of Syntec Numérique


Substaining open source for the future


  Pia Mancini, OpenCollective


About PIA
Democracy activist, open source sustainer, co-founder & CEO at Open Collective and Chair of DemocracyEarth Foundation. I worked in politics in Argentina and developed technology for democracy around the world. YC Alum, YGL (World Economic Forum), globe-trotter and Roma's mum.

What drives her
A deep belief that we are 21st century citizens doing our very best to interact with 19th century designed institutions built with an information technology of the 15th century. I am convinced that it is up to us to design the political and economic systems for the internet generation. 



What she does
My three cents are:
Open Collective, an company dedicated to organizing the internet generation.
Democracy Earth Foundation, a proposal for the democracy we want for the 21st century. 
El Partido de la Red, the political party I helped start that started all of this.



Open Source, values & diversity: collective responses

  Cécile Le Guen, Datactivist, Open Héroines


  Caroline Corbal, Inno³, Open Héroines