Paris Open Source Summit



« Opening the Digital Revolution »



The 2018 edition will highlight the importance of Open Source in the digital revolution and its growing impact on the wide-scale transformation of many professions/sectors.

Today, very few activities escape the massive changes driven by digital, which is in the process of progressing from simple sales channel to become the backbone of many professions. This revolution is the result of the new opportunities offered by emerging technologies such as Blockchain, the Internet of Things, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. 

Digital offers huge opportunities for innovation which, nevertheless, requires a context of trust and cybersecurity in order to become a reality and which, therefore, should be associated with a logic of
openness, mutual support, permanence and sovereignty




 The dominance of GAFA (M) over our data and its use, and the monopolies created by these American stakeholders and their Chinese equivalents have shown the consequences and dangers of such hegemony and required sovereign responses in order to restore trust in digital.


Open Source and open models, with their collaborative approach of sharing and transparency on which digital is now widely based, offers a response to these needs.

This 2018 edition of POSS will devote itself to offering a business approach to Open Source solutions.

POSS 2018 will bring together all the stakeholders from the European and French language ecosystem offering the chance to meet the movers and shakers who create the tools and technologies as well as the decision-makers and consumers who are looking for solutions or who are interested in an Open Source strategy.