Paris Open Source Summit



Artificial Intelligence

This is the key theme of the 2019 Paris Open Source Summit. In a few years, it has established itself as a Deep Tech that fascinates the entire world. Far from being science fiction, artificial intelligence is now present in our daily lives. Deep learning, conversational agents, self-drive vehicles and so on all rely massively on Open Source technologies, without which nothing would be possible.

  • What are the innovations of these communities and their technical issues?
  • Europe contains numerous start-ups specialising in artificial intelligence, which attract investment from world leaders in this technology. A focus on the success stories of AI made in Europe and some splendid feedback.  
  • Artificial intelligence is raising new questions for our society. What can Open Source do to develop the ethics of AI algorithms?


Cloud, DevOps, Infrastructure

The cradle of Open Source, Infrastructure is undergoing profound changes. The Cloud revolution, largely based on Open Source tools, is speeding up the efficiency of companies and administrations, and fostering digital transformation. This raises a number of questions, including those of sovereignty and independence. Today, 75% of companies throughout the world use Cloud Computing, and storage capacities increase further each year. With containers, Microservices, Edge Computing, the hybrid Cloud and so on fostering agility, the Cloud and DevOps converge to constantly improve the flexibility of infrastructures, from development to production. So follow us into the clouds!


Embedded technology & IoT

Open Source is often associated with software, yet it is disseminated in numerous other fields. The most speaking example is Open Hardware, currently booming with the arrival of new connected objects, complex embedded systems and the development of robotics. Open Source has long made use of embedded technology and now the IoT to create ethical and highly efficient systems. Half-way between the stakes at issue with data and the development of new services, we already use these objects in our daily lives.


Data Management & Blockchain

Data Management and Blockchain have revolutionised practices over the past few years, highlighting the role of Open Source in their emergence. Data are now at the heart of new economic and social models, and have become strategic. Data governance is now a crucial issue, as we have seen with the global repercussions of the newly-introduced GDPR. Based on Open Source technologies, Blockchain responds to issues concerning the quality, traceability and confidentiality of data for Business Intelligence, Analytics and many other uses.



Thanks to Open Source, the openness of codes now involves cybersecurity, increasing the security of information systems. The transparency enabled by Open Source is often the best means for countering cyber threats, data leaks and viruses, thanks to support from communities. In the digital economy, cybersecurity and digital trust are now crucial. Constantly evolving, cybersecurity is now in a highly sustained growth phase.  


Development & emerging languages

The historical core of Open Source, back and front development is constantly being reinvented to adapt to emerging technologies and uses. API, software quality, testing, native development, agile models, adaptation of practices to the Cloud, etc. will all be on the programme as we review the current state of play and the latest advances made by Open Source developers all over the world. Keep coding!


Business Apps

Long associated with the world of geeks, the image of Open Source in companies has radically changed over the last few years, with the increasing inclusion of user experience beyond the technological contribution of Open Source solutions. Today, the majority of companies see Open Source business apps as a vehicle for growth in going digital. Open Source solutions are increasing in every sphere, including ERP, CRM, EDM, BPM, archiving, mapping, the development of collaborative practices and messaging systems, and are undergoing unprecedented growth.   


Web, E-commerce & Mobile solutions

Platforms, mobile solutions, web applications and e-commerce are global trends on the web designed to connect brands with their consumers and provide them with ever more services. While CMS Open Source tools dominate the web, there are plenty of other areas where Open Source provides its share of contributions: e-commerce platforms, hybrid mobile applications, agile front, PIM, Analytics, DAM, Points of sale, severless projects, and so on. We take a look at the latest and most promising web innovations. Thanks to Open Source, all these solutions are taking on more meaning and providing better service to their users.



Beyond technology, free software and open source are also a major economic, social and political innovation, particularly in terms of ethics and sovereignty. Companies are inventing new business models, administrations are opening up to the philosophy of free enterprise, while civil society is launching initiatives to share knowledge more widely. Join the code openness revolution and learn more about governance methods and how the free and open source communities work.