Paris Open Source Summit


         Infrastructure : datacentre, cloud, containers

         DevOps : Automatisation, Orchestration, Monitoring, Supervision, Collaboration

         Embedded : Systems, IOT

         Development : Languages, Frameworks, Middleware

         Data : AI (Machine Learning, Bots, …), BigData

         Front : User experience (UX), UI

         Emerging subjects : BockChain, ServerLess, Edge computing, etc.

The TECH them
e is designed for technophiles, those behind the functioning of our infrastructure, there where the wide-scale adoption of open source started, those who build apps and, in general, those who continue to innovate with the from open innovation.  technologies of the future that result
It will open the lid on the apps of today in order to explore all the layers that make them work – the datacentre’s infrastructure (cloud, containers), the management of platforms in a DevOps dynamic, and technological innovations around developments, data, artificial intelligence and the end user, not to mention the subjects that are continuing to emerge !

         Migration to cloud (users, integrators, editors): testimonials and feedback.

         Cybersecurity, identities, directories: solutions, challenges, thinking and good practices

         Business solutions by sector of activity: Industry automobile, Banking/finance, Insurance, Telecom, E-commerce, Health, Energy, Aeronautics, Agriculture, Ministries, Local Authorities.

         Overview of the must-haves of open source (user terminal, ERP, messaging, supervision, CMS, middleware, BI, security, etc.)

         Innovative solutions : Big Data, Blockchain, AI, machine learning, IoT, etc., challenges and perspectives

The SOLUTIONS theme is designed for users and decision-makers or any person/organisation that wants to find operational responses in Open Source. The focus will be on testimonials, feedback about projects, presentations of solutions that meet business and/or cross-cutting needs.
By shedding light on the major trends in the sector, this theme aims to support users and customers in their choice of Open Source solutions.


         Reinforce the ethics of digital: AI, privacy, legislative challenges, alternative models to GAFAM, empowerment of users and organisations, etc.

         Set up open innovation ecosystems: tools & governance, development of “commons”, etc.

         Speed up the digital transformation of organisations: open models & #TransfoNum, open source/open data/RGPD compliance, intra and inter organisation collaboration, etc.

         Build lasting economic models: open business models, evaluation and promotion of open projects, research/business transfers, etc.

         Include open models in the promotion of research: challenges and specific features of open source in promotion, impact evaluation in research activities and results.

         IInclude all types of public: Is open digital really open? #GenderEquality #Médiation #Accessibility

explores the challenges of Open Source beyond programs and is open to other open models: Open Data, Open Hardware, Open Content, etc. which help to make open source mainstream in our society, including in our legislative texts.  
With a view to strengthening the crucial role of open digital in digital transformations, the questions of transparency, sovereignty and, more widely, ethics, will be central, responding to key challenges in the field of trust.

A special platform will be provided for players from open innovation ecosystems that have chosen to pool knowledge by developing commons in order to innovate more effectively in their sector: health, finance, spatial, mobility, culture, law, energy, open gov, etc.