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10/12/2019 14h00 - 14h20 - CASTING

WORTEKS Workshop: Learning AWK in 20 minutes Description

AWK is often mistakenly perceived as an esoteric program, whose use summarizes obscure incantations gleaned from it and the Internet. In this presentation, I will teach you that it is possible to learn how to use AWK in a wide variety of common use cases in less than 15 minutes.

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10/12/2019 14h00 - 15h00 - SCENARIO

SMILE WORKSHOP : The DevOps cornerstone of IoT projects: The Newloc project

During this conference, we will present you with feedback from an IoT project. From sensors to the cloud and Edge.  

Speaker(s) :

  • Monsieur Cédric RAVALEC, Business Line Embedded & Iot Manager , SMILE
  • Monsieur Thibaut GOGMOS-CANDUSSO, Directeur De Business Unit Système/infra Offres Devops , SMILE

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10/12/2019 14h20 - 15h00 - CASTING


In this presentation, I will explain the basics of the TLS protocol: symmetric encryption, signature, PKI, and how these concepts are articulated to secure network connections.

Speaker(s) :

  • Monsieur Maxime BESSON, Infrastructure experte , WORTEKS

Exhibitors Workshops

10/12/2019 15h00 - 16h00 - CASTING

ATELIER BLUEMIND : BlueMind : Outlook vs Thunderbird vs web vs mobiles ? le match !

BlueMind is organizing the big game of professional messaging! In the left corner the classic and powerful Outlook. On the right is the free and loyal Thunderbird. Don't underestimate outsiders: a lightweight but high-performance webmail and mobile, agile and versatile! #We Have The Choice, but.... what team are you on? Kick-off Tuesday 10/12 at 3pm.

Speaker(s) :

  • Monsieur Pascal MONTAGNE, North Sales Manager , BLUEMIND

Exhibitors Workshops

10/12/2019 15h00 - 16h00 - SCENARIO

ALTER WAY WORKSHOP : Have we entered the era of the all-container era ?

After Docker, it is now Kubernetes who has taken over the buzzword of the moment.

If Docker has established itself as a standard for packaging and application distribution, it must be said that the battle for the orchestration of these containers is now behind us and that the all-round work around Kubernetes now makes it possible to envisage a generalisation of containers for all types of existing and future applications, while guaranteeing portability on ever more numerous infras.

Based on real-life examples from our customers' production, this conference will provide an overview of the bricks that need to be added to container orchestrators and the new challenges posed by these platforms to manage efficient, safe and agile production on a daily basis. 

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Speaker(s) :

  • Monsieur Stéphane - VINCENT, Director of Run & Cloud Activities , ALTER WAY

Exhibitors Workshops

10/12/2019 16h00 - 17h00 - SCENARIO

Use the latest innovations in a Drupal Site Factory.

Docker/Kubernetes, JS Framework, JAMSTACK, etc. For what purpose?  What are the benefits? What potential? Is it viable and operational? How to implement? What are the difficulties?

Speaker(s) :

  • Monsieur Nicolas LOYE, Technical Director , ACTENCY
  • Monsieur Hakim RACHIDI, Ng & Devops Manager , ACTENCY
  • Monsieur Juergen PECHER, Technical Director , ACTENCY

Exhibitors Workshops

10/12/2019 17h00 - 18h00 - SCENARIO

GOFAST WORKSHOP: REX Occitania Region: Unify document warehouses and federate collaborative work on the "GoFAST" Open Source solution

On the occasion of the merger of the former Languedoc-Roussillon and Midi-Pyrénées regions, the new Occitanie Region redesigned its information system, including document management. 
As part of this IS overhaul, the Region has chosen the GoFAST Collaborative GED Open Source platform to centralize, secure and manage all its working documents across the board. Presentation on this feedback. 

Speaker(s) :

  • Monsieur Christopher POTTER, President - Fondateur, Ceo-Vision Sas , GOFAST

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