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KUZZLE / Stand : C23

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Kuzzle backend is a Open Source On-Premise and Cloud Agnostic backend which accelerates modern IoT application development.

The platform integrates advanced features such security and authentication, real-time data and API management, geolocation and geo-fencing.




Release of the new major version of Kuzzle: Kuzzle v2
Support for the latest versions of Node.js and Elasticsearch, better performance and new features.


Since its launch in 2015, many applications are now "Kuzzle inside":

Bouygues Construction: Real-time outdoor & indoor geotracking, resource geofencing (materials, tools, human), visualization and alert notifications.

SNCF: Smart train station monitoring with connected equipments: lightings, AC & heating systems, escalators & lifts, temperature & CO2 level.

Qwant IoT: Search and access IoT Open Data from Smart Cities: lightings, geolocation of public transportation buses and tramways, parking space availability, air pollution.

French Institute of Public Health, INPES: creation of a geolocation application to measure users' daily physical and sporting activity and compare it to their diet and calorie intake.

Crédit Agricole: development of its new mobile bank EKO, offering digital subscription and real-time online multi-device monitoring of bank accounts.

Comexposium: securing access rights and managing user authentication on the online booking services of the Salon de l'agriculture et de la Foire de Paris.

Qwant, Europe's leading search engine, has teamed up with Kuzzle to offer users of its consumer portal advanced services based on Open Data data from the Internet of Things (IoT), such as air quality in European cities or the geolocation of boats along the Seine.

Our Kuzzle backend platform has been deployed for Biogen pharmaceuticals USA and William Reed Business Media UK.

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