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ONLYOFFICE / Stand : D07

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ONLYOFFICE aims not just to satisfy its users but to anticipate their needs.

The latest releases bring the following features:

ONLYOFFICE Editors 5.4 (desktop and online versions):

- More chart customization and styling opportunities in all the editors,
- Watermarks and print areas in document editor,
- Spellchecker and new tabs Formula and Data in spreadsheet editor,
- New Group/Ungroup features in the tab Data,
- Headers & Footers in spreadsheets and presentations,
- Improved color schemes, slide numbers, adding date and time on slides, print areas in presentation editor.

The version 10.0 of ONLYOFFICE collaboration platform comprises:

- Two-factor authentication via an authenticator app;
- New document access rights: Comment and Filling forms;
- Integrated media player to play audio and video files directly in the cloud;
- Filters and folders management, delivery and read receipts in Mail module;
- Report generation in Projects via docbuilder, ONLYOFFICE document generation tool;
- Redesigned calendar with To-do feature and synchronization via CalDAV;
- Elasticsearch engine;
- Improved LDAP with auto sync of users on schedule and extended attribute mapping.

Produits & services

ONLYOFFICE Service Cloud
ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition
ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition
ONLYOFFICE Developer Edition
Applications de bureau ONLYOFFICE

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