V2 Paris Open Source Summit

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STARINUX / Stand : A2

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StarinuX club, 992 members, promotes the Free and Opensource Software, mostly by technical curses, good quality, concrete, practical, in the mood of time (80% of great satisfaction)/


StarinuX make many actions to the free software since 2001.
Located in 92-Courbevoie France (next to La Défense), it will increase partners-ships with companies of the European business.
StarinuX proposes these next curses (2017-2018) :
1) ARDUINO (Genuino),
4) LINUX + Shell Bash,
5) GSN3 (network),
6) Docker,
7) Ada,
8) Postgresql...
et many others in 2018.


StarinuX realizes several actions to companies and particulars.
-GNU/Linux migration,
-Two work-shop GIMP, mairie de 94-Joinville,
-Install-parties GNU/Linux at towns halls of 94-Arcueil, 92-Meudon,
78-Sartrouville, 92-Nanterre, 95-Deuil-la-Barre,
-Conferences free software at towns halls of cities Arcueil, Meudon,
Sartrouville, Nanterre, Deuil-la-Barre,
-Workshop, two/monthly : Apache, Wifi keys, Samba, Java, Ada, SSL, Bash, VI,
Postfix, Xen, LPIC, CMS Drupal, Libreoffice, Hybryde-Fusion, Ubuntu, Arduino, Raspberry-Pi, GSN3, Docker, Mysql, Postgresql...

Animations sur stand

Presentation of our several workshop 2017/2018 two/monthly, dedicated to the free software :
-Working with the pictures and photos programs Gimp and Inkscape,
-Workshops : Apache , Samba, Postfix, CMS Joomla!... and so many others.
-To meet the new team directing team and join us,
-To be candidate in actions : teacher, admin-system, webmaster, technical...
-To become member to bring help because StarinuX has more and more members and

Produits & services

« Install-parties » à thèmes.
Mise en réseau professionnel et amical de nos adhérents
Formations d'adultes aux logiciels libres

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