Paris Open Source Summit

Code of Conduct

The Paris Open Source Summit aims to be a welcoming event where the watchwords are diversity, mutual respect and solidarity.
We are sure that these values will underpin exchanges between the participants, who are all aware how vital they are for the ecosystem.

In addition, we maintain that all participants are entitled to: 

- be treated with courtesy, respect and dignity, 
- be exposed to no discrimination, harassment or aggression, 
- enjoy an environment devoid of any inappropriate behaviour, images or speech. 

If any problems cited in this code of conduct occur, you should immediately contact the Paris Open Source Summit organisation in private. Any complaints will be taken into consideration, investigated and treated in total confidentiality as the situation requires.

The Paris Open Source Summit organisation reserves the right to take action as follows: 

- To order the person in question to cease or alter their behaviour, with a warning,
- To warn the person that measures will be taken if they continue,
- To order the troublemaker to leave the event venue immediately, and possibly ban them from any future events. 

The incident may be reported to the police.

[This Code of Conduct, under a Creative Commons licence, is based on the code of the PyData Paris organised by Systematic, itself derived from the PyCon UK code.]

  • The person concerned may be told to stop/modify their behaviour appropriately and a warning will be issued.
  • The person concerned may be warned that enforcement action may be taken if the behaviour continues.
  • The person concerned may be asked to leave the venue immediately and/or will be prohibited from continuing to attend the Paris Open Source Summit.
  • The incident may be reported to the Police.

(This document is a derivative of the PyData Paris code of conduct and is released under a creative commons license.)